Hackers strike again at judicial system and TSE says it expects ‘further leaks’ on election Sunday

Brazil continues to suffer at the hands of hackers, who attack public entities with ransomware and ask for ransoms in cryptomedas.

Hackers return to attack judicial system and TSE says it expects ‘new leaks’ on Election SundayNOTÍCIAS

Brazilian justice has suffered another hacker attack this week. After the Superior Court of Justice, the Superior Electoral Court and the Justice of Santa Catarina, it was the turn of the Regional Court of the First Region (TRF-1) to suffer an attack this Friday on its website.

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The hackers posted an image forming the face of a “devil” to commemorate the attack and leaked data from processes on the Deep Web, as reported by Fausto Macedo’s Blog of Estadão. The TRF-1 advisory says the database is in “maintenance to analyze a possible security breach”.

The invaders also posted messages on the Deep Web celebrating the “data capture,” saying they proved the “vulnerability” of Brazilian justice, invading a court that gathers cases from 13 states and the Federal District.

The court’s advisors declared, however, that despite the attack the posted material “was already in the public domain:

“The Court’s team is evaluating now, but at first there was only a disclosure of material that was already in the public domain”.

TSE says it expects further leaks in the 2nd round of elections
After suffering from hacking on Sunday of the first round of municipal elections in Brazil, the Supreme Electoral Court, which saw data from public servants leaked as a result of the attack, says it is “waiting for more leaks” this Sunday, when the second round of the current plea will be voted.

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TSE technicians told Folha that they expect new administrative information from the court, obtained by hackers “over the year”, to be leaked on Sunday.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Court are investigating an orchestrated lawsuit, supposedly involving hackers and scholarship holders like blogger Oswaldo Eustaquio, who is under house arrest, to discredit the Brazilian electoral system.

The electronic ballot boxes, however, as the TSE has stated more than once, are not connected to any network, making hacker attacks with electoral objectives practically impossible in the country. To circumvent the elections, it would be necessary to physically access all the ballot boxes used in the electoral process.

Hacking has not only affected justice, but also other state entities, including the federal government. Most attacks install a ransomware to block the systems and ask for ransom payment in Bitcoin or privacy currencies like Monero.

Hacker gang announces end to activities, but experts warn of new groups
At the beginning of this month, the systems of the Ministry of Health were also attacked, which affected the consolidation of the number of cases and victims of coronavirus in Brazil.

According to experts, the country is not prepared to deal with the attacks, although the government and members of the judiciary and legislature have formed a “crisis committee” to combat hackers.

As reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, Brazil has become a global hub for hackers this year, with criminals commanding attacks throughout Latin America and Europe.